Sunday, July 24, 2011

Time to hit the road.....this time to the WINE COUNTRY in Sonoma California

My car is packed and I'm heading north to meet Vicki, Northern California Stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first of four Paint 'n' Wine Country Workshops. How much fun is this going to be? FUN!!

Vicki and I are both looking forward to spritzing the magical paint all over the vineyards, meanwhile teaching four techniques to a sold out class. Woooot Wooooo! I want to thank Tehra and her staff at Sonoma Country Antiques and European Furniture for hosting our event and opening their beautiful "barn" and facilities. (if you can call it a barn, which is not filled with hay by the way, but instead wonderful furniture from the other side of the pond).

One last photo of where I'll be:

a looking barn I have ever seen

I love this shop!  I can see some serious purchasing done on this trip

This is how "paint sisters" work together....we are so fortunate to share our passion and achieve our plans

I'm off to bed now, early morning comes really fast. Have a great week everyone, don't forget the 31st for your chair photo's and contest to end. Wow have some of you turned in some beauties. Check my web site for new workshop dates and locations, I'll post more on Friday. We have so many fun things planned in Southern California including a great Annie Sloan Charity Workshop event....stay tuned.

My sweet granddaughter painted 24 cans to show our beautiful colors.  Now we have to paint some more since we are adding new colors to our beautiful palette

Progress of an old broom closet door

Total time.....45 minutes....wala....done and ready to hang

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to ENJOY where you are NOW!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The middle of the week has happened!

Only 11 more days until the "chair affair" contest is over. I have to tell you, the before and afters are amazing. I've decided to post all the photo's when the contest ends and let you vote on them along with Linda from Gussied Up.

This week has been extremely busy for me training three new Annie Sloan Stockists from out of state. Michelle from Illinois, Lynn from Kansas and Alison from Oregon. What fun we had and the excitement shared was over the top. We all met in the Temecula wine country at South Coast Winery for dinner, a little wine (actually none for me as I was still re-cooping from the "Wild Women in the Wine Country" event last Saturday) and lots of questions and answers. It is so enjoyable for me to have the privilege of training and working one on one with these talented ladies.  Welcome to our team!

Lynn, Alison and Michelle

They are ready to give workshops now.....let the fun begin and their phones ring off the hooks.

I leave on Monday and head north to the Sonoma Wine Country to join Vicki, Northern California Stockist for the first of four workshops in the California wine countries. Registration is full but if you really want to join us we might be able to squeeze one or two more in. Our next wine country event will be on November 12th in'll be my turn to set up and organize and Vicki will get to travel. It's so darn much fun working with Vicki, we totally understand and promote "painted sisterhood".

Aren't we just the happy go lucky fun teaching teachers though!

I am putting on an event in September that will be dedicated to abused children from Thessalonika Family Services, I've mention before that nothing gets me as riled up as innocent children not being allowed to be children and have to endear ugliness from a world they should feel safe in.
This is a pretty powerful  commitment....and a commitment and cause  I intend to support and create goodness.Anybody out there care to join in this wonderful cause?

Show you care and join in for a wonderful workshop dedicated to these children.

I have many things to say.....I can always share the Chalk Paint Magic but I'd much rather teach and show you. Why don't you tell me what I can do for you? or how I can answer any questions pertaining to our magical products. I'd love to share and I'd love than that to meet you all one day.

I'll post again when I return from Sonoma, meanwhile I'll continue to orchestrate dates for events and workshops. Remember....have paint I will travel. Destination workshops are the best....6-8 friends.....a big table and lets go to work.

Have a great rest of the week and you'll be thought of.
Remember the free RT ticket to So. California to participate in an all day Annie Sloan's for just need to get a few people to say, Hello!

Innocence and Endurance.....please help when you can

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chair Contest is on.....

The photo's are starting to come in for the Chair Affair Contest. The date for entry has been extended til the 30th of July so there is still time to enter.
Send a before and after photo and have a chance to win 12 pots of paint. 1 each month for 12 months....what a wonderful prize. Your entry will be judged by "Gussied Up" in Los Alamos, CA. on August 2nd.

Photo 1 was submitted by Barbara from Oregon.....what a difference a pot of paint makes!


Photo 2, submitted from Deborah from Ottawah.  Three blah stools.....I love the creativity and just look at those sweet little boys that get to sit on them now and know just whose is whose!

Someone "out there" just asked me about Paris Grey and if I had any piece of furniture I could show them with it applied. Here is a sweet piece painted by
The Bella Bungalow for The Retreat Vintage Market. Paris Grey is a soothing and "sassy" color. Grey is a cooling color and a color that goes with almost any tone with the exception of most brown. I'm not saying it can't go with brown, but you have to have the right mixture of tones for it to not look dowdy.
Paris Grey and a simple stencil by Melaine Royals

A lot of activity will be happening today through next Thursday. Wild Women of the Wine Country is tomorrow and a great event to just let ones hair down. Monday I join three new Stockists, Alison from OR, Lynn from KS and Michelle from IL. for dinner and on Tuesday I will be certifying them to give Annie Sloan Workshops. I welcome these talented ladies and look forward to spending time with them in CA.

Next week I join Vicki, Northern California Stockist for the first of four Paint 'n' Wine Country Annie Sloan workshop events.
Paint 'N The Wine Country
with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!
A Hands-On Workshop

Join Vicki and Anne, Northern CA and Southern CA stockists for a very special Annie Sloan Chalk Paint event. Learn 3 painting techniques and play with product on your own small project you have brought from home.
Anne and Vicki taking a break and raring to go again

This Shop is an experience to walk through....come join us

Paint will be flying through those open doors

What beauty and design is all about at Sonoma Country Antiques and European Furniture

~Create rich European looks with just paint and wax.

~Paints can be combined to create a palette of over 55 Annie Sloan colors.

~The best paint for furniture: no sanding, stripping or priming needed.

~Easy to use, extremely low VOC's, water based for easy thinning and clean up.

July 27, 2011 10-4pm $175 per person
at Sonoma Country Antiques
23999 Arnold Drive, Sonoma CA 95476

ALSO....for anyone that is interested, and be interested.....there are just a few
spots open for our UK Flea Market and Annie Sloan visit in September. We'd love to have you join us.

Four Seasons Travel
Barbara Gonzalez, CTA
503 636-9876
September 20, 2011 through September 29, 2011 Stockist Anne Skougard and Four Season Travel will be escorting a group to London and Annie Sloan’s hometown of Oxford for a one day workshop demonstrating Annie’s Chalk Paint and seeing her store. We will also visit the famous Sunbury Antiques Market with Annie Sloan herself.

If you have interest in painting furniture, walls, picture frames, shelves, etc. you won’t want to miss this chance to learn first hand Annie’s painting techniques with her famous CHALK PAINT.

Cost per person $2635.00 Double

This includes Hotels, Train to and from Oxford, RT airfare and daily breakfast. Lunch, dinner, transportation to and from Heathrow and tours are on your own.

This is going to be a fun Trip, sightseeing, shopping at Harrods and visiting all the famous places in London and Oxford.


20 September depart US to London

21 September arrive in London

22 September free time to explore or take an optional Tour

23 September Free time to shop or take an optional Tour

24 September Depart for Oxford (Annie Sloan’s home town”

25 September Tours or day on your own

26 September Demonstration and workshop at Annie’s Shop

27 September Depart for Antique Market in Sunbury escorted by Annie Sloan.

27 September Say our good-byes to Annie and train back to London

28 September Free day and later this evening say our good-byes to our new friends at a Farewell Dinner at a local Pub

29 September Depart London for the USA

Four Seasons Travel

21 Partridge Lane, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Barbara Gonzalez, CTA

503 636-9876

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I'll post next week all kinds of workshop "stuff" and applications. Happy Painting......

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've had such a "grand" time the last three weeks.....

It's really hard to get back in the grove of things since I've returned from the North West. Not only have I had Annie Sloan Workshops to tend to, I've had to catch up with paper work, UGH, ship out lots of Chalk Paint orders, see all my friends, spend a "little" time with my understanding husband, play with my 8 year old granddaughter that drove back with me and learned how to read a map (better than hearing, are we there yet?) organize my work room to get ready for more workshops, support the Southern California Mini-Stockists needs, I've had to continue planning other events that are right around the corner.

The first thing I want to post is a Smilebox from the Retreat Vintage Market on Camano Island that I hosted with The Bella Bungalow from Arlington, WA. In case I haven't told you, Kellyanne, one of the Bungalow girls is really my daughter. I guess Chalk Paint doesn't fall far from the tree. We had a grand time and met so many wonderful people, customers, blog followers and vendors. Thank you Bob and Debbie for inviting us to be a part of such a wonderful event.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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If you think participating in these events is easy, think takes a whole day to set up and then the
adrenalin kicks for the event itself and before you know it, it's time to tear down and pack up.  You are really lucky if you get to visit any booth outside of your own.  I love doing them though and I really had fun working with my daughter and Kim as well as getting the word out about our "magical" products.

On my way up to the NW I stopped in Portland and invaded all the wonderful "salvage" places as well as Good!  Before I made it to Seattle I stopped in Gig Harbor to train Diane Ryan, a Stockist for the Washington Peninsula area.  Welcome Diane, and thank you for your hospitality.

Diane Ryan, The Design Cottage in Gig Harbor

After Gig Harbor I made my way through Seattle rush hour traffic to Arlington where I not only participated in the Retreat event with Kellyanne and Kim but I was lucky enough to spend four wonderful days with 7 off my grandchildren and of course my son Marc and daughter-inlaw Amy. A much needed time for togetherness.

I then made my way to Spokane to train Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane Eastern Washington Stockist and her staff and customers. I had such a great time getting to know fact I not just met her but that same evening I got to be her date on an Anniversary cruise for her friends on Lake Couere d' Alene. Thank you Nancy for being such a gracious hostess and welcoming me into your home as well as introducing me to great people.
Nancy's studio is so beautiful and over whelming, I didn't know where to look but I did know how to appreciate the talent Nancy has been blessed with and her great staff blessed with talent themselves.
Nancy Jones, students and staff

Lobby of ArtWorksSpokane....notice the floor

My favorite wall application

How would one choose....they were all beautiful and if you couldn't find it on display, they would make it just for you.

Look at this beautiful island, Duck Egg Blue, natural wood distressed and dry brushed along with a custom concrete topper.  WOW!  Great Job.

I made it back on the 4th of July in time for the fireworks and a bar-b-q with good friends.

I had a fun time organizing my workroom this week's only taken one month to do so.
I also had fun teaching my 8 year old granddaughter Kambriella the different
Annie Sloan techniques....who says "kids can't paint too"....she was so awesome that I invited her new friend Riley to come paint too.....they are hooked and already asking when they can come back to paint.  I think more childrens classes are going to be scheduled....I had fun too.
Kambriella creating her first stencil

She loved Provence - so into her own creation

She is my granddaughter....loves all the blues....Aubusson Blue on a chair leg

Riley and "Ella" painting flower pots

Yesterday Debbie Cooper, Mini-Stockist from Anaheim Hills/Orange Co. held her first all day six technique Annie Sloan  workshop.
Wonderful students and I commend Debbie for being a wonderful teacher and Mini-Stockist...I am proud as punch to have her as part of Southern California's team.
Paint was a flying and new friendships made

Now I was going to let Debbie take a bow about the ingenious way she poured the was brilliant. Who else but a family  owned medical supply warehouse member would have come up with "injecting" the paint onto the trays. I bought several myself for future workshops...not a drop of paint is wasted.
 Debbie Cooper/Anaheim Hills - Brilliant application....and take a look at the apron made out of a drop cloth that Debbie markets too.

I won't go on much longer here.....thank you for letting me share.  I will be posting more about the
upcoming the Paint 'n' Wine Workshop taking place in Sonoma on the 27th, the
Chair Affair before and after contest pictures due to me on the 25th, the winner getting one pot of
paint for 12 months...what a prize.  Also I will post all the So. California
Mini-Stockists and their upcoming workshops, as well as some advanced classes I will be offering at  my workroom in Canyon Lake.
Also....the UK flea market trip scheduled for September 20 -29th still has a few openings, so please
go to my website if you are interested.
So. California Mini-Stockists, Margee/Rose Bowl Flea Market/Palm Springs; Andrea /Riverside; Susan/San Diego;Barbara/Malibu and Jill/San Clemente

Kari/Encinitas/Solana Beach

WHAT AN AWESOME SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TEAM! Wahoooooooooooo!  I will post all of their contact information on my website by the middle of the week.

It's time for some shut eye now.....I have a big week ahead of me and I don't see it slowing down much until I get back from the UK in September.  Do I I don't, I LOVE what I'm doing and I LOVE being a part of Annie Sloans Chalk Paint family.

Oh....I have a winner in the 12x12 contest....I shall be contacting you for your "prize".

Friday, July 8, 2011

I promise by Sunday.....

Guilt is a terrible I'm letting my guilt go over not posting all the wonderful people, events, training and workshops that have taken place in the past three weeks and I haven't been able to sit down long enough to even down load my photo's so I can share them with you. I Sunday I will be caught up and ready to post.

We have been asked not to do "give a ways" any longer......I thought they were fun since "give a ways" are out of the question I am going to give GIFTS
from time to time. Everyone loves presents right? My first gift will be given to the person that guesses what is packed in a 12x12 box and ends in BLUE. Get ready, gooooooo.
Count down also to the Chair Affair contest....I've only been sent a couple before and after photo's so I'm anxiously awaiting more please. Just think....1 can of paint, each month for one year. Yes, 12 cans of beautiful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and it will be my GIFT to someone out there.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I have returned from 14 days of training other Stockists and a wonderful "vintage event" in the Pacific N.W. It's good to be HOME. I will post later this week and share EVERYTHING and all the wonderful upcoming workshops and events.
Until a little later....