Sunday, September 18, 2011

I will write much is happening and I need to breathe

I love finger painting the new three beautiful colors just arrived
I apologize for not posting in the last couple weeks......I been letting the 'paint fly' and no grass grow under my feet.  Tomorrow will be different and I will be back to post about 2012 's wonderful trip planned for 18-20 decorative artists that want to make a difference.  This trip will be in a beautiful part of the world and our talents will be forever treasures.  Yes, there will be plenty of time for "you" and relaxation. too.

If you haven't signed up for the January cruise to the West Caribbean it's not to late.....Annie Sloan will be giving demo's on both days at sea and other than that it is a kick back renewing cruise.  Yes friends and husbands are invited.  See my web site for reservations.

I shall be back tomorrow.....until then.....dream land is calling.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can hardly wait for's almost better than a holiday

I had a hard time sitting still tonight because in the morning bright and early I am heading out and meeting Debbie Cooper from "round the coop" and we are hitting a couple wonderful events/shows. The first stop will be in Rainbow, California (yes there really is a town named Rainbow) and going to The Vintage Market Place where I am going to surprise Amber from The Black Rooster Cottage and give her a "pot of paint"   wait to try on some of her "goods". There will be several vendors there to meet also and I'm sure Debbie and I will be looking for those perfect "finds".

Next got it....

Matilda's Mouse Antiques is over the top with wonderful wonderful treasures and every event the theme is different....this time it is "French Farmhouse Harvest Event". There will be French harvest tables, primitive cupboards, hutches, chairs and statuary.....ooooooh la la is all I can say.

This all takes place in the coolest barn and properties that belonged to non other than Betty Crocker, yes like in cake mixes. All I can say it is wonderful and I wished you all could join us there to do a little pushing and positioning of place in line because that's what is expected of you....patience and waiting your turn to browse and pay up. A little secret though, I love the grounds around the outside of the barn as well as the inside. Take a look at the photo's below and see what I came home with last time.
I'm addicted to wire baskets

I can't get enough porch railings

Fiddle is on my mantle and guess where you'll find the baptismal fount and cabinet?

I wonder where I have this hanging in my "room"

I love spindles and posts..I hope I will find another box full
Give me any kind of tin

I will post again this weekend and show you just what you missed out on.

I want to let everyone know that the Paint 'n' Wine Country Benefit and Decorative Paint Workshop that was scheduled for November 9th at South Coast Winery in Temecula, CA. has been rescheduled until February 2012. The benefit is for the Thessalonika Home for abused children (4 but I will still give a "Halloween" gourd painting "hour" for the children in October as planned. It will be a wonderful workshop/event and we, Vicki from 3 Oaks Studio and I are looking forward to putting it on and giving back to a much needed cause.

I am signing off and hoping my eyelids will stay shut for just a few hours.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall is soon here.....and a lot of changes are coming besides "colors"

I will post tomorrow about everything that is taking place in "the house of anne".

I have missed writing but don't want to just write about anything. So, I have taken
some time to regroup and direct my energies just a little differently.

I hope your Labor Day holiday was as renewing as mine. Until later this week......

The window valance is really painted.....this is my favorite room in the house.

home sweet home in Southern California