Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ok, ready or not I'm jumping into this "blog thing" with both feet.  I don't know why I have made it harder than it really is, I actually enjoy writing, maybe I have a lot to write about and I just don't know where to begin.  At the beginning makes sense, so let's begin.

I want this little slide show to be near the top of my post

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because when I enter a new post I will have a new "where am i".
Every week I try to visit one new place of business,  antiques, flea markets, design, 2nd hand, consignment, it doesn't matter, I just love these little adventures and yes, in my line of work, it is an added perk.
I'd like to think that soon I too will have a blog following and that at the places I visit I'll  leave something special, sort of like an on going treasure hunt and maybe if all  these little somethings are collected  there will be a  prize.....waaahoooooo, let's do it.

I don't know how much I'm suppose to say on my first post.  I could share my life experiences, family, causes I believe in and some that I don't believe in.  I could tell you that one of my passions are words, yes words, how they feel on my lips as I say them aloud  like, "blue....eclectic....believe .....champagne.....magic....impetuous.... believe..... curiosity.... go..... and giggle."  These words  also describe me as a person. 

I'm privileged to be in my golden years yet I'm still just a little bit silver and tarnished.  I remember the 50's and came into my own in the 60's, I still want to be that flower child. (I am on  the inside I just don't fit the profile on the outside, but I keep trying.)  I'm actually still coming into my own, that will never stop!

I love creating and making things into something off the wall.  I love walls too and have spent the past 20 years working in design, specializing in color and decorative painting.  Today I am the U.S.A. West Coast "stockist" for Annie Sloan's decorative Chalk Paint and Products and I'm having the time of my life introducing this new line to furniture finishers and the average consumers that want to do their own paint transformations.  (Take a look at Annie Sloan's web site, she is known as one of the worlds most respected experts in the field of decorative painting.)       I give workshops, I give demo's and I get to meet new and exciting people up and down the coast.  I'll be sharing these products, workshop dates and places in future posts.

I have many interests, many passions and the one thing I have to caution myself to do is to SLOW IT DOWN and enjoy where I am now.  BE HERE NOW.  I am an Edith Bunker, an Auntie Mame and a Murphy Brown all rolled into one.  I'm also a proud wife,  mother and grandmother of beautiful human beings.  You'll meet them all at different times, they all make me proud and my life worthwhile.

See, now I have started and can't quit....but before I sign off for tonight I want to leave you with a question.

Have you begun today what you wish to be tomorrow?

Thank you for letting me be myself.


Lori said...

WoW - What a DEBUT!!!!
Fabulous 1st post Anne & here's to many, many more!
It's B E A U T I F U L - Just like Y O U !!!
Lori @ Vignettes

Phyllis said...

I am absolutely amazed at what you have done here!!! (I need to take a few lessons from you.) I love the beauty of all you have created, and the clarity and heart of your voice. It simply could not be any better, Anne. It will be one of my favorite blogs to visit. Congratulations! I look forward to many more inspiring moments reading this.

Annie Sloan said...

Great Anne! ( thanks for all the nice things you've said about me- blush) You look pretty damn special to me! Just looking at your Smile Box thingy and wondering if the oics are all yours - the all bike for instance - fab!!

Anne said...

Thank you Lori, Phyllis and Annie....encouragement much appreciated.

All the photo's are mine and the bike belongs to Vignettes Antiques.
Have camera will travel, I'm seldom without my third eye.

SERENDIPITY Antiques said...

We are looking forward to having Annie visit our shop in March...the demo & book signing should be great fun!!