Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sundays are Personal (to me)

I love Sunday mornings.....I love Sunday period, I've always thought of this day as "mine" or belonging to and sharing with those that mean the most in my life.
If I post on Sundays I will address something in my life that I am passionate about, keeping Sundays "personal", no shop talk.

I can't help but think about all the children in this world living in poverty, abuse, abduction and sorrow. It makes me sad. One of the passions in my life is my camera and where ever I have traveled, I have taken pictures of children, trying to capture the innocence in their eyes and faces. Some of the children you are about to see I don't even know their names or their "stories" but I think you will appreciate what I've tried to collect.

Burl Ives sings a song about children that I wish you would listen can find it on ITunes. "Think of the children as roses". One verse in particular I love is "if you had a flower that you wanted to bloom, would you keep it from sunlight hid away in some room. Children are flowers, their bloom yet from sun, your love is their water, your wisdom their sun".

I feel better now, just writing what I have and I am going to what ever I can to create some magic in childrens lives, whether it's my own grandchildren when I visit or some child that hasn't been given a chance to bloom.

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I hope you enjoyed and that you will leave me comments. Happy Sunday and I wish you a wonderful week ahead.


Serendipity Antiques said...

So enjoyed our visit today!!

Phyllis said...

Such beautiful photos of you and these sweet children.