Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wild was fun fun fun! We can hardly wait for July's event.

Oh man.........what fun I had yesterday with three beautiful ladies and close friends, Barbara, Sharon, Diane and Audrey. We attended a benefit at South Coast Winery called Wild Women of the Wine Country. It not only was a benefit where the proceeds went to a local community charity "HOPE" that provides approximately 25,000 meals per month, but it was also a cooking lesson and a lunch...not to mention champagne and more wine that one should drink, and lots of music and dancing. Wahoooooooooooooooo. Thank goodness I had a camera and wasn't able to make the "photo gallery". Thank you Diane for driving

I highly recommend this event to all ladies out there.....the next one is in July and you've guessed it, we are raring to go again. Maybe this time we should just make it a Spa away the day and have our hubby's join us at night.

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Do we look like "wild women"?

We've only just begun.....

Our wonderful chef.....Jason Riva's

Oh my......enter "wild"

and wilder........

and wilder......

oh....oh......wilder yet

enough fun already......

See you in July you WILD WOMEN!