Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My home is not a "house".....

My grandmother loved moving furniture around. It seemed like every time we went to visit, she had pulled the sofa, tables, and chairs into different positions. I think she felt that if a room stayed the same too long, it became stale. Changing it around made it feel new. That went for fresh paint, wallpaper, bedding and window treatments. She would remove everything from a room and begin one item at a time, it was like a mini treasure hunt to find my "favorite" items when she finished.
I don't change things as often as she did, but I do enjoy giving myself novel views from time to time, hanging pictures/items in varied combinations, creating new displays and yes, rearranging the furniture, not to mention painting and my favorite, changing the bedding. The satisfaction that comes from waking up tired rooms with a few simple changes is what I LOVE.
I'll show you just a few things I have around me, although, they do move when the urge takes over. My home is not a "house", everything I have around me I love and when I am through appreciating them, they move on to other family members or you got it, garage sale 101.

Head board are old french doors from Roslyn, Wa.,  the table is from Sweden, wait til you see the base and the cloth is from a small shop in Belgium.

Base of my little Swedish table

Another sweet little table and a vintage bedside lamp

Meet my life long friends...Amanda and Patsy.  They have traveled with me where ever I've lived.  They sit on a shelf in the guest room, where sometimes they get covered up or turned around.  Spooky?  I don't think so.

Photo's I took of each of my grandchildren at the same age, you got it, buck naked.  I want to reach out and just give them all a pinch, especially since they are no longer running "free".

A beautiful china clock that belonged to my Grandmother Lund.  I love it!

A Danish chair I painted and love

A picture of my Norwegian relatives framed by old Swedish barn windows.  A silver tea service given to my parents 45 years ago sitting on a Norwegian runner my grandmother hand made.  The buffet is from the 40's which was painted and waxed.

A little cabinet that came with the buffet...another 40's vintage piece redone.  Notice more hand made lace and gilded pears that were done in one of my workshops

An old sifter from Sweden and a window lace hanger from Belgium

More Belgium lace frames my dining windows

The Lord's Prayer in Norwegian, framed and matted to be displayed in the dining area

I don't have a traditional bar so I've used a double tray table with vintage cut glass decanters and a vintage picture that I found in a 2nd hand shop
Enough for now....you have a little feeling of my treasures that make my home a home.....next time I'll take you in the front door and show you just how eclectic I am.

  Until the next posting when I really will address Annie Sloan and her U.S.A. events.