Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good Morning......

My thought for this wonderful Sunday morning, my favorite day of the week.

Most mornings I try to start my day with a look within myself. I also reflect and try to remember "who I am". I found a writing years ago I recite to myself, sort of a clarification and confirmation of what my purpose in this life is. I want to share it with you and then I'd like to share someone elses confirmation I found in a little shop in San Diego.  Is there really a big difference?

Life is really so simple, words may change, times may change but our values, our basics are still the same.

Don't ever lose sight of the gift that is you.
When life seems to weigh you down, get back
up and get back in the game.

Remember what you're made of.  Remember
what's flowing in your veins. Remember
what you were given, and remember what
you went out and created on your own.

Like any great masterpiece, you're not done yet.
Inside you is the best of everyone who has
ever come before you - and the best of
everyone yet to be.
You can forget some of what life hands
you, but never, ever forget