Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The middle of the week has happened!

Only 11 more days until the "chair affair" contest is over. I have to tell you, the before and afters are amazing. I've decided to post all the photo's when the contest ends and let you vote on them along with Linda from Gussied Up.

This week has been extremely busy for me training three new Annie Sloan Stockists from out of state. Michelle from Illinois, Lynn from Kansas and Alison from Oregon. What fun we had and the excitement shared was over the top. We all met in the Temecula wine country at South Coast Winery for dinner, a little wine (actually none for me as I was still re-cooping from the "Wild Women in the Wine Country" event last Saturday) and lots of questions and answers. It is so enjoyable for me to have the privilege of training and working one on one with these talented ladies.  Welcome to our team!

Lynn, Alison and Michelle

They are ready to give workshops now.....let the fun begin and their phones ring off the hooks.

I leave on Monday and head north to the Sonoma Wine Country to join Vicki, Northern California Stockist for the first of four workshops in the California wine countries. Registration is full but if you really want to join us we might be able to squeeze one or two more in. Our next wine country event will be on November 12th in'll be my turn to set up and organize and Vicki will get to travel. It's so darn much fun working with Vicki, we totally understand and promote "painted sisterhood".

Aren't we just the happy go lucky fun teaching teachers though!

I am putting on an event in September that will be dedicated to abused children from Thessalonika Family Services, I've mention before that nothing gets me as riled up as innocent children not being allowed to be children and have to endear ugliness from a world they should feel safe in.
This is a pretty powerful  commitment....and a commitment and cause  I intend to support and create goodness.Anybody out there care to join in this wonderful cause?

Show you care and join in for a wonderful workshop dedicated to these children.

I have many things to say.....I can always share the Chalk Paint Magic but I'd much rather teach and show you. Why don't you tell me what I can do for you? or how I can answer any questions pertaining to our magical products. I'd love to share and I'd love than that to meet you all one day.

I'll post again when I return from Sonoma, meanwhile I'll continue to orchestrate dates for events and workshops. Remember....have paint I will travel. Destination workshops are the best....6-8 friends.....a big table and lets go to work.

Have a great rest of the week and you'll be thought of.
Remember the free RT ticket to So. California to participate in an all day Annie Sloan's for just need to get a few people to say, Hello!

Innocence and Endurance.....please help when you can


Amber said...

Oh my gosh Anne! I had no idea of what you did until this blog post and a trip over to your web. Hmm... I'll be in contact soon.

xo, Amber