Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you again Miss Mustard Seed

These are comparisons Miss Mustard Seed had on her blog about Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint.....I feel she
gave  good answers for the knowledge she holds.  Thank you Miss Mustard Seed.  And Let me remind
everyone out there.....our paint and products are the BEST.....I've been around many many years and worked
with a multitude of paints.....this the the IPAD of all Decorative Paints.  Try it.....order some....and be sure to TAKE A WORK SHOP with your local Stockist.

What does the paint look like?

OFMP: Comes in a brown paper bag in a powdered form and has to be mixed with water.
ASCP: Comes in quarts, premixed.

Do you have to use primer?

OFMP: No, but you do have to add a bonding agent if you want the paint to grip to non-porous surfaces. I do not use the bonding agent, since I like an antique look.
ASCP: No. ASCP has great gripping power and primer isn't necessary.

Do you have to sand before painting?

No for both paints.

Do you have to use wax or a topcoat?

OFMP: No, but I would suggest it. You can use either a wax or poly topcoat to protect the paint from moisture and wear.
ASCP: No, but again, I would suggest it. The only time I don't use wax is on a piece that won't get a lot of wear and I don't mind if the paint gets distressed naturally.

Can the colors be mixed to make custom colors?

OFMP: Yes and the colors mix beautifully. The available colors are definitely more "primitive country" with mustard yellows and barn reds, but they have some beautiful blues, greens and grays and all colors can be mixed to suit your taste.
ASCP: Yes and the colors mix beautifully as well. The available colors are inspired by European cities and antique furniture, so they are right up my alley.

How can you apply the paint?

Both paints can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Do the paints distress well?

OFMP: Milk paint is unpredictable in how it will distress. Sometimes it grips really well and just comes off in a fine powder. Other times the paint cracks and flakes away, creating this wonderful chippy look. You just have to go with it!
ASCP: Comes off in a fine powder when sanded before waxing. It's easy to control the amount of wear and results in a soft, distressed finish.

Do I have to distress these paints?


Why should I use ASCP or OFMP instead of latex?

Latex has its place and won't ever be removed from my paint shelf, but I love ASCP and OFMP for furniture. Both of them are fun to work with and give pieces an authentic, old feel and they distress much better than latex.

Which paint do you like better?

Both. That's not a wishy-washy answer, it's the truth. I really love both of these paints and decide which I use depending on the piece of furniture, the look I'm going for and my mood.

Where do I buy ASCP and OFMP?

You can buy OFMP online through John Millen Hardware or check out this list of retailers to see if someone sells locally in your area.

ASCP can be bought online through stockists or locally if one is in your area. Check out their Where to Purchase in North America page to find one near you. There are now stockists in Canada as well and a brand new stockist in Malibu, CA!  There are 7 Mini Stockists throughout Southern California  with one more coming on board in Santa Barbara......look them up.....check my web site, they will make your hunt for the paint easy as they are placed from San Diego, to Palm Springs, to Riverside, to San Clemente, to Anheim Hills to San Clemente to Escinitas  as well as myself, Southern California Stockist located right in the heart of things. Be sure to get in on the paint frenzy that is stirring the U.S.A.

Just waiting for the "chair results"


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Thanks so much for this post. It certainly answered several questions for me.

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