Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workshops are awesome!!!!!

I had such a wonderful experience in Scottsdale. Our workshop rocked!
There is nothing like the gathering of creative people all in one room, the energy was
electrifying! Scott and Anna Sadler, amazing artisans and hosts. Debi Weber one of the most talented Designers in the United States, she got right into the painting and techniques with everyone else and was a gracious host also.
To let the paint "fly" is one thing but to unveil beautiful samples is the test.
I encourage anyone out there to participate in a workshop nearest you, and if you don't have one near by....just say the word and paint will come to you!

I am going to post some photo's of the workshop and say goodnight at the same time. I am off to Santa Barbara, Ojai and Malibu in the morning so I'm going to sneak off to dreamland.

This weekend I will post the birth of our 2nd Paint 'n' Wine Country event....I can hardly wait to spread the word and watch the paint fly some more.

April, Scott, Anna and Debi......thank you for this workshop and your participation
Cloud away.......

Lots of notes and applications of techniques

Crackle, crackle with just a little "cackling"

A class full of "pro's"......thank you for being a part of Scottsdale's first workshop

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