Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whew.....I finally get to post

HAPPY NEW YEARS.... Wow, it took four days to figure out what happened and how to get back into my House of Anne blogspot. The only thing I want to caution is that there are people out there that "borrow" what isn't theirs and totally mess up what was "yours". Enough said, just be aware. I want to post photo's.....just a little apprehensive, I want to see how this post plays out. I don't know about you but I am glad 2011 is closed. It was a very exciting year but on the flip side of the coin, a year that demonstrated to me the true meaning of life. FAMILY.....FRIENDS.......INTEGRITY......COURTESY.....and RESPECT, personal and in business. Family....I am blessed. Beautiful, smart and creative children (grown) and over the top, grandchildren. My son Marty, in the Army...serving his country in Afghanistan, with the integrityand wisdom of an American soldier. Doing this all for the love of his family, friends and country. His awesome family that had to get through the holidays without a husband and dads physical presence...not fun....but done so with pride and faith. I am so proud of Dawn, Cody, Noah, Hayleyanne and Hannah. My son Marc, a loyal, patient, respectful man. A quiet man but when he speaks you listen. Amy, Austin and Kate.....wife, son and daughter....a model American family. My daughter...Kellyanne. What can I say. She is a woman of strength and resilience....give her a challenge and she steps right up to the plate. A mother of five children, raising them with fortitude and love of a single parent. Kellyanne has always amazed me and in the past year totally shocked me with her talent for business and creativity in the world of paint. Although we each paint, teach and create....we do so with competitive products, but it's ok because we respect and love one another.....nothing of a "material" source can come between us. I need to mention my husband and friends.......thank you....I love you for letting me be me! My friends have been well entertained through life and my husband, well all I can say is, "thank you for your patience, respect, support and love". I say "thank you" every morning before I get out of bed.....and I say it again before I slip into a semblance of sleep ( I don't like to sleep, a waste of time for me....I so love the surprise of each new day".) Ok...enough! Briefly...I am the Western Distributor for CeCeCaldwell's Paints, Waxes and Products....what is going to happen in the next 90 days will be amazing! GREEN, no acrylic in our paint and NO PETROLEUM in our for children and pets as well as the artisan. Workshops are scheduled throughout 9 Western states....Retailers in place ready to let the "paint fly" and total excitement in the world of "environmental conscience citizens".

February 17th and 18th there will be a 2 day workshop in Paradise Valley, AZ. Debi Weber, renown Designer will be the host with Anna Sadler, an amazing artisan will be participating in a workshop segment. Information will be posted soon and space will be limited.
I want to address Amy Howard at Home and Annette Tatum.....two talented Designers that I am involved with and representing their beautiful products. I'll do that next time since I'm not totally sure how this posting will display after the "tampering". Ok, I test "posted".....let's hope this is good. I wish you all the most wonderful year of your life. Enjoy NOW.....remember YESTERDAY and TOMORROW's aren't ours.
Let the Paint FLY.....all over our beautiful world!


MELANIE said...

So well said. You are lucky to have such a supportive family. Im thankful to have the same. I will have your son and your family in my prayers as always but especially this year while your son is away.

I thought I was the only lady you who thinks sleep is a waste of time...Im actually commenting this at 1:04 a.m. lol That is quiet creative time for me.

Can't wait to see all of the new projects you are working. Hoping to make the paint fly soon with some CeCe paints. And also when you arrive on the East extremely excited.

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