Monday, November 28, 2011

CeCe Caldwell's Paint Chart..

These colors are absolutely wonderful and in January followed by 6-8 more and other products to create custom mixes.

I will post more this's a busy time trying to unload product, reload product, make samples for workshops and web site. 

Clarification to everyone interested in Paint.....CeCeCaldwell's Paint are no VOC, which means GREEN....and the wax has no petroleum.  To top it all off, the containers are GREEN too being made out of recycled materials.  Yes, you can throw them in the garbage when you use the last drop.

Whatever is floating around out there, the reason is strictly competition, assumptions and
people that have nothing better to do than to find reason for blame.  Remember the Four Agreements,
1.  Be Impeccable With Your Word....2.  Don't Make Assumptions.....3. Don't Take Things Personal and
4.  Do The Best You Can Do.  I detest GOSSIP......I put it right in the same category as being a "BULLY"....

Have a great Monday everyone.....and be sure and comment so you are qualified to win a space in the 2nd Paint 'n' the Wine Country Workshop.


Pamela said...

These look wonderful Anne!!

Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Love all the great colors! I have tried the wax and LOVE it! Can't wait to try the paint!