Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time is so precious ......

I have so much to share with you, new products you will love, CeCe Caldwell is just one and surpasses anything out there, you will love it. It will be available just in time for Christmas and workshops are scheduled from coast to coast as well as Hawaii and Alaska.
Get blogger friends will be testing first and you will love the prices for both the paint and wax.

I am spending time with my son and his family before he deploys. Your prayers are needed. I am soaking up every minute as I always do, only wished my stomach wasn't in a knot.

I have met with many east coast bloggers, you all are wonderful and today I will finish up some painting....tomorrow meet up with my friend Lucy who I first met at the first Paint n Wine Country workshop, then again in the UK last month. I am looking forward to seeing her beautiful home and sharing what is taking place in the world of paint. I will post photos.

I wish you all a wonderful week and I will post after my trek to Scottsdale and San Francisco.
Exciting times ahead and an element of surprise thrown in too.


Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Can't wait to hear more about the new products. Will you have any workshops in the Dallas area? Enjoy your family time!

MELANIE said...


Im very excited to learn about the new products you are know your stuff lady! :)
I will absolutely keep your son in my prayers as I have lived through a deployment myself with 4 children. I know he is trained well and will come home a hero to his family. xoxo
As an East Coast blogger and huge fan of yours, I look forward to news of you coming over to our side of the word. Im extremely excited to meet you when you come to NY/NJ area.
I wish you a fantastic week and a safe trip as always.

your friend

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