Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In this wonderful world.....

yes, in this wonderful big world that we are part of, there is room for many opportunities, relationships, and products.

As you are all aware, the last month has been a little crazy....I have taken another road, or should I say "roads" in my business life. My web site is under construction, my studio, "the room" is undergoing a new look and I am now the Distributor for a new paint, CeCe Caldwell for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and California. Very exciting times and absolutely paint after my own's totally GREEN, inside and out! Beautiful colors, techniques and applications....and again GREEN, even the wax!
The price will be very affordable for the DYI's and the workshops over the top. There will also be products and techniques for the professional decorative artisans that are on a continual hunt for "new" and fresh ideas and looks.
This paint has been a dream for Ce Ce and inspired by other brands out there.....Ce Ce didn't give up until she had the formula for an ALL GREEN product. Colors, prices, workshops will be on my web site hopefully by the beginning of next week, along with a special promotional introduction.

I am also the Distributor for Amy Howard at Home.....and you will find me giving demo's and workshops throughout Northern California (Santa Barbara and up) as well as Arizona.  Amy's approach to the DIY's and the professional artisans is brilliant.  The Toscana finishes are so beautiful, refined and classy and are now available for everyone to do in their homes as well as businesses.  Amy has many wonderful techniques and products and it is exciting going from one technique to another.    I will also have  this link on my new web site, again, hopefully by the first of the week.

A starter kit to get you going...

I also have been working with Southern California Designer Annette Tatum from Santa Monica. Annette has just kicked off her own paint line and colors that coordinate with her beautiful fabrics and design. There are 32 beautiful colors and I encourage everyone to check out Annette's web site. This paint can be purchased online or in boutique stores throughout the United States. Annette is not only an incredible Designer but she is a published author for The Well Dressed Home, a must have for your library.

32 beautiful colors

just playing with colors......what fun!

So as you can see, House of Anne is very busy these days wearing many hats and loving every exciting and challenging minute.

I so appreciate how big our world is and I so respect every one out there that is passionate with what they are doing or not doing. There is room for everyone....for every product line and for every opportunity.....grab the brass ring when you can and take that ride no matter what twists and turns you will experience. My hats are off to all the people I have met on my journey and I look forward to all the new people that are yet to come into my life.

I will post next week but for now.....I have to let the paint fly and get organized and ready for an exciting 2012.

Thank you everyone.....and please, keep those comments coming.


bloominganne said...

You have been busy! Congrats on all you've taken on and I'm sure you'll be rewarded. I'm looking forward to more details as time goes by. I love to play with colors too.