Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm waiting for the piece to just "TALK TO ME".............

Have you ever started working on a piece of furniture or in my case an old orchard ladder, screen door, french dish racks, mirrors.....etc...etc....etc.....wanting that piece to just "talk to you" and tell you what it wants to become in it's new life?

It's probably a good thing I don't have a retail shop, I'd be filled to the ceiling with all kinds of architectural pieces rather than the traditional tables and chairs....although I have several different chairs around me at all times.

I usually have all this stuff surrounding me in THE ROOM where I paint samples, paint color stixs and cards, mix colors to see just what I can come up with for custom tones and give workshops. Have I mentioned I LOVE PAINT? I LOVE ANNIE SLOAN'S CHALK PAINT and WAXES and I can't talk about it enough nor can I hold myself back from spreading the word up and down the West Coast as well as who ever will listen.

Ok, the message I'm trying to convey is that all these pieces I surround myself with do "talk to me"......I begin painting them with one color and most of the time end up with two or three colors, clear and dark wax, a little gold/silver leafing....and then I just wait and usually don't finish a piece for three or four days or even a week.....I have to look at it, touch it and then the final creation just happens. You got it, the piece "talks to me".

I'm going to post a few pieces that I'm waiting to "talk to me"....then the next post I will post the completed creation, unless of course it will still talk to me and I dry brush or add more paint. Sometimes a piece just doesn't quit talking. With that said, I'm going to quit talking myself.

old wicker chairs and orchard ladder

screen door and back of orchard ladder

french dish rack and old farm house shelf
bed posts, chair legs, chair and spindles

Mirror, stool and ceiling medallion

I want to thank all the new people I am meeting through my new adventure in the world of decorative paint. I have been in design and faux finishing for the last 25 years and I've never experienced products like Annie's Chalk Paint.

I have many exciting workshops and events scheduled in the next three months. On April 10th I will present a work shop at The Tattered House in Roseville along with the other California Stockist, Vicki Shoemaker. On April 16th I will be giving an Annie Sloan All Day workshop with Mini-Stockist Kari Caldwell from Studio 887 in Encinitas, Ca. Check my web site for future workshops, events and product "specials"

Have a wonderful week and I'll be back soon.

the magical new paint and techniques