Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh my.......oh Blog.......oh what happened with my week and with "half dones"????

I really want to be dedicated to my blog.....I also want to blog about certain passions in my life like my"half dones"....Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products, so I can see what's been completed. Well, that won't happen a lot tonight, because I didn't complete a whole lot this past week. I am the painter/designer that hasn't completed a fireplace in her home....that has a terminally ill woman living in her closet and that just wants to SIT DOWN for one hour knowing she shouldn't sit down but probably should dote on her husband knowing what is going to take place in the next 7 days, maybe even feels a little guilty (man, I do not like that word). Am I making sense? I realize I write exactly like I I hope you keep up.

This week was awesome....I did get to spend time in MY ROOM painting samples and even giving a workshop. I met up with Kari, the new "mini-stockist" in Southern California and we are planning an event at her studio in Ensinitas on the 16th.

Kari and my workshop on the 16th

I painted "color stixs"...boring.....I  hand painted color charts....boring,  and the worst of all of it...I had to wash the brushes. Ugh!
Paint charts...hand painted and a PAIN

Paint stixs and charts.....think this is fun?

paint stixs and charts.....and lots of paint

Oh shoot...I took a photo of all the paint brushes but I guess I plum forgot to down load it....could it because i was born in the 40's (late 40's) and I forgot?  I just want to get this posted as I promised myself I would
be dedicated to my blog.

I want to post photo's of what I have completed this week....and "stuff" did talk to me.  I painted a couple french dish racks.....I painted a mirror.....I painted many, many samples......and I want you to know, I painted my hands and nails many different shades of color.

a great crackle and ......
after........crackle and OLD WHITE

look at the worn down yellow farm shelf.....before

after using Emperor's Silk....
Many things to show.....even the screen door and orchard ladder have "spoken"....stay tuned.

I am so excited because this week I leave for The Tattered House in Roseville, CA to give a workshop and "debut" Annies wonderful products with the other California Stockist, Vicki Shoemaker.  When I return I join Kari Caldwell Saupstad for an all day workshop which I showed you above......and then I am home for a few days...have another all day workshop at THE ROOM in Canyon Lake and leave on Easter Sunday for Tampa, Fla. when I will be sharing in a workshop with Robyn Story at her Store.  Robyn is a new Stockist for Annie Sloan and what a "woman" and a person that thinks outside of the box.  We have had soooooo much fun sharing in a bi-coastal exchange of ideas totally outside of the creative box.  We will have so much fun and I'd post her flyer but I believe that is her privilege.

When I return I will post all the events, The Three Speckled Hens, Retreat Style Vintage Event.....etc. etc. that are planned and will be attended.  I am so overwhelmed with the response of wonderful people and contacts for our new products. just two days I will post the London/Oxford trip in September and the Holland American Cruise in January 2012.  Everyone is invited and we will have a grand and memorable time.

Ok, I will end now......if I knew how to put the Playlist on here the song "My Story" would be playing...but I haven't learned how yet.  I will learn how to do that this week because I love music and music is a huge part of my life and where I am in my life....daily, weekly, monthly and by the years.

Thank you for your patience......I will surprise you in the next few love for design and photography will kick in big time.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love this paint. I used the old ochre on an old cheap side table I bought last week. Now I can't decide what color to order for another piece. Decisions decisions. You are one busy lady. Thanks so much for adding my button to your sidebar. So unexpected.