Thursday, April 21, 2011

A wonderful time of the year.....

This time of the year I seem to reflect a lot on family and past celebrations. (It is said one does this at the end of one's life, oh please, let this not be so).

I love Easter although this year I will miss it completely as far as ham, chocolate eggs,family time and even coloring eggs for a "hunt". I leave Easter morning for Tampa to join Robyn Story of Robyn Story Designs in her debut of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshops. I already know it will be a hoot and very successful because that is who Robyn is. A hoot.....very successful and a true delight and woman. I am so privileged to have met her in New Orleans at Annie's workshop and also to be a "team" Stockist and cultivate a "bi-coastal" working relationship as well as a new friend and "sista".

Robyn Story

I have been asked how I got into paint and design and I have to say, I owe it all to my mother and grandmothers. With Spring cleaning came new wallpaper and fresh applications of paint. The wallpaper in my room would have to last 3-4 years but the wallpaper usually had several colors to choose from for a freshly painted bedroom. We would look at paint strips and then I'd come home from school and there waiting for me were paint, brush and rollers. I learned at a very early age how to cut in and how to sew new bedding and curtains.

My mother and my grandmothers encouraged me always to go for the "brass rings" and to always dream big. I was given a note from my mother on my birthday one year, I want to share it with you and then add in a "smile box" with a very special song and pictures of all my "mothers" that have impacted my life and encouraged me to be the person only I can be, myself.   You'll also see at the end some photo's of furniture that depict our beautiful colors.

"once there was a girl, and she was unique and talented and interesting and amazing and unforgettable....and real. She knew, deep down, that if she tried something and it didn't go as she had hoped or wanted or dreamed or planned, she could just try something different - or try the same thing again but approach it in a new or different way - and one day her greatest hopes and dreams could actually come true.

and so her life was full of all these amazing and unforgettable moments, events, and circumstance: incredible wins, of course, but also equally incredible - and worth it - losses. No matter what happened, she learned from everything around her and everything she went through. Yes, she fell sometimes (like everybody else does), but she got up and moved forward by always being true to herself. She hoped that maybe one day she could even make a path for others to follow.....until they each could make their own paths, too.

you see, it's not that she was never frightened or sad or even knew when she woke up each day what to do, it was simply that she believed in herself and always shined on like a star because she was a STAR, whether alone or among others shining too in the Universe."

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I wish you all a very beautiful Easter and the next time I post I will have photo's from Tampa as well as photo's from an event up the coast, Remnants of the Past, which I hope to purchase lots of goodies for my much neglected paint brushes that need to be picked up and start creating.

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