Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Little Creek

It's Sunday, my favorite day of the week and I am posting something personal instead of work related. Although I have to say, "the work I do, I love" and my work is almost as much a gift to me as Sundays.

My husband is exchanging a non functioning electronic device and his son and grandson are off to a movie. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, quiet. It's just me alone with reflecting on life and thinking about the New Year soon to ring in, whether I am ready or not. Time I can't stop, yesterdays are what makes me who I am, today is a gift and tomorrows are new beginnings. Ready or not 2011 here I come and I will enjoy every opportunity and challenge that is presented.

I wrote a little ditty once that I want to share. The meaning is really about what "time" is in our lives.

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The little creek flows through the trees behind MY house.
It is MINE, for it moves over land registered in MY name.
The grass grows there, and the flowers bloom on its banks.
MY frogs croak, MY grasshoppers rub their legs in contentment
and George, MY raccoon leisurely drinks after boldly eating MY dog's food on MY back porch.

It is MY creek, but a moment ago it belonged to MY neighbor, for it flowed over land registered in his name. It greened his grass and bloomed his flowers.
His craw-dads swam in its coolness. George, his raccoon slaked his thirst after boldy eating his dog's food on his back porch.

So reluctantly I say it: OUR creek sings it's song as it flows merrily along over land registered in OUR names. It gurgles and tumbles over the rocks, singing it's delightful melody, resting in quiet pools along the way.

Un hurried, unweary, untiring, it salutes us both with a happy smile lit up by sun rays through the trees, unimpressed by OUR possessiveness. It nevertheless acknowledges OUR ownership as it makes its way toward the happy children, splashing in its wetness below us.

I stand on its banks and cry in dismay, "Little creek, STAY, for you are MINE".
Gently through its song, its orchestration, I hear its voice in quiet remonstration "Nay, I cannot, MY destiny is OCEAN."

Have a wonderful week and I will post soon regarding work and all the happenings taking place in 2011.