Thursday, October 13, 2011

This was a hard, fast and spinning week!

I have meant to post all week and include all the beautiful photos I took at Amy Howard's workshop/training last week in Memphis, Tenn. It was awesome working with an incredible Designer and her staff, that have a vision, business plan and work ethics that benefit not only the consumer but all the Distributors and Artisans involved with Amy Howard At Home.

I am so excited. I will be the Distributor for AZ and Northern California, Santa Barbara to the know what that means, Carmel, San Francisco, Wine Country and's almost as good as "going home again".

I am leaving today for Seattle, a quick trip to assist The Bella Bungalow in painting and getting ready for their grand opening in November. I'm actually excited to share a whole "48 hours" with my daughter Kellyanne and PAINTING myself.
We will have fun, just wait til you see what she transformed from an ugly old small town tavern into a beautiful shop and studio.

If you'll excuse me now I promise to fill you in on Amy Howard adventures and events. Oh, for clarification, Amy Howards techniques and finishes are totally different than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint....that is what really excites me. Different challenges and territories, truly a great thing for my Gemini make-up and mind. From flea markets and refurbishing to total elegance and refinement.

Hand made furniture and decorative accents. 

You can have this too.....I'll teach you the custom finish and technique use...... to Seattle....I will go into detail next week about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshops, who won the "pink" contest and more on Amy Howard At Home.
Have a great weekend