Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everyone knows what it's like to feeeeeeel just a bit "tired". I really dont' like feeling tired.

Today we had an experience.......a workshop hosted by Melanie Royals....and given by
Kari Saupstad (So. Calif. Mini-Stockist) and Anne Skougard, that would be me.

Paint was flying in all directions and me, at some point in time didn't know where it was flying tooooooo. That's what happens when artisan's and little old me get, fun, fun.

Although....Brad, Amber, Phyllis and Kari were probably wondering, "what the heck?"
So....until I can post about this "one of a kind workshop".....I am going to show some photo's. I'm also going to say....TAKE A WORKSHOP from the closest Stockist in your will learn and have the "time of your life".

oh my....look at what we had to work with.....beautiful custom stencils
Look at all these wonderful people!

Stockists.....Brad and Amber from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kari Saupstad...Mini Stockist So. Calif., Kim Fisher and Kellyanne Smith...Stockists from Washington, Debbie Cooper....Mini Stockist from Orange Co., CA , Phyllis de Vries, Portland, OR, and of course,,me, Anne

A California "tradition"  champagne  or your choice of beverage at the end of a fun filled, learning day.

A toast to Sharon.....Kim and Kellyanne who helped so much at the workshop.....wahooooooooooooooo now....I have to lay me down....and sleep fast, a new day is just around the corner and I have to "live" what is going to happen.

I'll be back.


Phyllis said...

What a great workshop! Thank you to both you and Kari. I am so inspired.

Amber and Brad said...

Anne & Kari - We can't possibly thank you both enough! We had an awesome time and learned so much! So very good to meet so many wonderful and talented people!