Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today I woke up to being disappointed by someone that I really believed in. Someone making a choice and implementing a plan that impacted many hard working people. The good news is though, I did wake up!

I feel better by just saying what I did, but what I am disturbed about is, I allowed that disappointment to weigh me down all day and be counter productive. One persons decision impacted my "space", personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, totally against my work ethics and integrity that I implement everyday in my life.

I had a lot to do today so while I was in the car with my "beautiful music" soothing my soul, I remembered something that my mom use to recite and I'd like to share it with you because it totally answers my disappointment felt today.

"My Mother says she doesn't care about the color of my hair
Or if my eyes are blue or brown
Or if my nose turns up or down
My Mother says these things don't matter

My Mother says she doesn't care if I'm
dark or if I'm fair
If I'm thin or if I'm fat
She doesn't fret over things like that

But IF you cheat or tell a lie
or do mean things to make folks cry
or if you're rude or impolite
these things really matter

It isn't "acts" that makes one great
It's CHARACTER that seals our fate
It's what's within our hearts you see
that makes our mars our destiny
And that's what really matters.

I realized after I thought of this writing, that the only disappointment that is really important, is if I disappointed myself. After all....when you look in the mirror it's only yourself that is staring back. Enough on this topic, tomorrow is a new day and I'm loving life everyday.

I am so fortunate to have a team of AWESOME Mini-Stockists coming on board in Southern California. Kari and Debbie are on board already and the other five will be trained and certified on the 14th. It will be a pleasure to work with them and support them in their adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products. I love watching others  "fall in love" with these magical techniques and applications and I so appreciate the
long awaited team we have put together to support all of you out there that need paint and workshops. Next week I will post their photo's and locations.

I'm also fortunate to be working with Vicki Shoemaker, for no other terms, the Northern California Annie Sloan Stockist. Together we've planned some great future events and they will be share with you in the coming days too.

Don't forget to buy your pot of paint through the House of Anne for the Chair Affair Contest. 12 cans of paint, 1 per month for one year if you win. Sign up now to enter.

That's all I have right now....I guess I've unloaded my "bag" and put it out there to disappear.


Amber and Brad said...

Great words of wisdom Anne, Thanks!

Can't wait to meet you this weekend

Simply Jo said...

Sometimes getting your thoughts down on paper(or on your blog) stops them from taking up valuable space within.
I'm excited about your journey and wished I lived much closer. Maybe someday soon I can make a trek to one of your workshops!


Barbara said...

Hi Anne,
You are amazing and you touch everyone you know and make the world a better place, I am happy to call you my friend.
Lake Oswego

MELANIE said...

Great post Anne, I was having a rough night last night dealing with another person and drama. I love to support people and not have drama. But you are right as long as I dont disappoint myself...I'll be okay. I teach my children to respect others and to be the best person they can be.

I love your blog, you talk like me...straight. Im excited your participating in my Blogiversary giveaway...actually honored. I cant wait for my readers to see you talent and come follow you here.
Its like therapy when you blog, you put it all out there and it's amazing what comes back at you.

I met one of your new mini-stockist tonight on FB, she's a doll and has talent. I might have to make a trip out to Cali. lol


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