Friday, June 3, 2011

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks....are you ready?

Before I post all the "comings and goings" I want to say thank you to all of you tha
played the comment game today. Lori from LA won the Chalk Paint Kit....and I must
say, she was persistent at trying. It will be shipped on Monday Lori.

The following are dates for the following workshops and events. PLEASE note that this does not include my Annie Sloan Workshops at my new "the BIG room". You must check my website for those dates and times.....and give me until Sunday to get the new ones posted. Also know that "traveling paint", "boys can paint too" and "come paint with me" out of "the BIG room" are constantly going on....wahoooooooooooooooooo.

I want to thank Mini-Stockists, Debbie Cooper representing Orange County, Kari Saupstad representing the coast from Laguna Beach to Del Mar and east to Escondido, and Andrea Young from Riverside County that is overtaking Big Bear and San Bernadino too. Next week two more Mini-Stockists will join the team and the area
that they are from is Coronado and Malibu.....what a team Southern California is becoming. Soon Palm Springs and Santa Barbara will be joining us too.....look for them in mid June. is the schedule:

June 11th - All Day Annie Sloan Techniques Work Shop in Chula Vista with Kari Saupstad at Melanie Royals Modello Studio

June 17th - Play with Product Workshop at the Urban Barn in Escondido
June 17th - "girls night out" with Debbie Cooper at Truly Tattered in Tustin

June 19th - 3rd I am on the road.....upward to Oregon and Washington State to
certify new Stockists as well as well as be present at the Open House for The Bella Bungalow on the 23rd.

June 25th Camano Island Retreat Vintage Event in the NW

June 26th - Out of the Blue Mermaid Mercantile that Debbie Cooper will be demo'ing and selling our products while Kari Saupstad is painting up a storm in Spain.

July 27 - the first of four Wine 'n' Paint Annie Sloan Workshop tours throughout California at the Sonoma European Antique Shop in Sonoma......come join us while we still have openings.

July 30 - A all day workshop in Los Alamos will be going on while the famous Chair Faire is going fun is this

August 20th - All day Annie Sloan Workshop hosted by Debi Weber Interiors and Surface Refinements in Scottsdale, AZ.

August 21 and 22 in Portland, OR....1st Annual West Coast Annie Sloan Stockist Meeting

September 20 - 29, UK trip to visit Annie in her shop and go to a wonderful flea market. There are still a few spaces available.

Now....I'm not going any farther out then this.....when I worked at a large company eons ago, we called this a 90 day look ahead. Keep in and amongst these dates there are alot of other workshops and last minute events happening and these
don't even include what the Mini-Stockists have organized and are presenting.

I am adding one photo....then I'm going to call it a is the question that goes with the photo.....ONE can of Paris Grey who ever gives me the correct answer first....

What is the significant of these architectural pieces?

beautiful European colors don't you think?

happy painting and keep on "chalking".


MELANIE said...

It's 1:15a.m. so I might not be understanding but I'd say the shell design. I hope I understood this right. Im happy for the winner of the kit but soooo wanting a can of paint too. Heck I'd love a can of wax.

Lucky 7 Design

Junkin' 4 Joy said...

Are they plastic or resin?

Theresa said...

I am probably way off base but is the design related to the idea behind The Opera House in Sydney? It's located at the end of The Botanical Garden. I've got my fingers crossed!

Theresa said...
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Junkin' 4 Joy said...

Shells are a symbol of a journey or pilgrimage.

Stephanie said...

I am wondering about the workshop you are doing in Sonoma Ca. How would i find out if there are any openings? I would love to come!