Monday, June 6, 2011

Faces from the past......

Happy Monday sure and check my web site for the June Special, destination workshops and new photo's. (photo's are coming, I am trying hard to finish up my new workroom first and update photos of workshops, before and after etc.).

this is what I intended to post about but read on......I changed my mind...i love this old tub by the way

I had a plan about this post, I was going to show you photo's of "stuff" used in the past that we have updated and still use today. I took a few hours and headed off to
Orange, CA., a sweet sweet town within a huge metropolis. As I was going in and out of quaint antique shops always on the look out for wire baskets and architectural pieces, I kept seeing all these "faces" and realized those faces represent a big big
fear in my life. Yes, I have two fears. One, being stuck on an overpass or bridge in the middle of an earthquake and two, a photo of myself being on a shelf in an antique store. Wherever I looked yesterday I saw all these faces staring back at me...."how did I end up here?, where is the memory wall or album I deserve to be on or in?, does my family really know who I am, where I came from and my adventure in life? who has my eyes, my smile, my toes?" I could go on and on. It amazed me at how those eyes staring back at me were just shelved....placed among doilies....sitting in a basket....stuck among dishes....sitting on the floor or hanging on a lattice frame. Who are they.......why aren't they archived in their families trunk? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I hope if my families are reading this they have a plan on what "memory wall or book" I'll be placed on or in. Please, please, please don't let me end up on a shelf in an Antique store that no one knows or cares who I am.

Yes, I have a smilebox ready to go paying tribute to all of those photo's that stared back at me yesterday. I know this has nothing to do with Chalk Paint, workshops and events but it does have to do with respect and a tribute from me to them.
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Tomorrow I am going to Post again about all the Chalk Paint workshops and events that are coming up soon. I want to introduce you to new Mini-Stockists in the
Southern California area and where they are located. We now have eight. Five are being certified this week so they too can provide you with workshops in their areas and the other three are coming on board next week. Locations are, Coronado/San Diego, Temecula/ Escondido/Encinitas, Palm Springs, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Orange Co., Riverside, and Glendale/Pasadena. Very exciting times for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Products and a little more accessible for you to locate without shipping costs.

I want to encourage you to please take a workshop, learn how to apply the different techniques correctly. I came across a blogger that posted two videos with wrong information...her intentions were good but she needs to take a workshop herself. One reason tutorials aren't so good is because if you do have a question there is no one to answer. Certified workshops are the only way to go if you really want to learn the steps for beautiful end results. Our paint and waxes are forgiving and it's true anyone can use them with ease BUT we do have some tricks up our sleeves to show you....let a certified Stockist or Mini-Stockist teach you and have some fun in a workshop while we do.  I will post contact names for you to email, call or order products in my next Post.  Until next time........have a great day!


MELANIE said...

Anne Im waiting for you to come to the East Coast (tri-state) and do a workshop. Im curious as to which bloggers your talking I know you cant say. But I have noticed the chalk paint all over blogland. lol

Lucky 7 Design

Charlotte said... excited to be able to drive to Glendale/Pasadena to get your paint! Any chance that you will have a stockist in Ventura County??

cathy said...

Could you post mor information about the Portland workshop?