Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are you ready to be updated on everything that is happening?

Last week I had a wonderful time in Tampa, Fla. assisting Robyn Story of Robyn Story Designs teach and kick off three all day Annie Sloan Workshops. Robyn was on top of everything and the classes were first class. I am going to show you the class room where it all took place and tell you the people I met were absolutely wonderful. They made a West Coast girl feel right at home. We had a mixture of backgrounds and yes, even two men. Remember, our paint isn't just for girls, we let boys use it too. Not only boys but a dog.
Ole spent most of the day by his master under the table but still took in all the techniques and play time.

Ole a seeing eye wonder

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3
Thank you Robyn and were great and together we made a lot of memories!

My friends picked me up at the airport and whisked me away to San Luis Obispo where Vicki (Northern California Stockist) joined us for a Coastal event, Remnants of the Past. There were so many people,
so many elbows, so many things to try and see, it was crazy and I guess a big thank you goes to the feature Country Living did for the show. I did come away with 24 pickets from an old fence, a funky hanging thing that I will hang paint brushes from as a prop and a cool old three tiered shelf. We had so much fun and we shared many bursts of laughter. We stayed at a great B&B that I would recommend to everyone.

It has taken me until today to get caught up around my home, introduce myself to my patient husband, ship paint orders and answer tons of emails. Whew, I can breathe again.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Kari Saupstad, So. California Mini-Stockist and Melanie Royals from Modello Design Studios in Chula Vista, CA. I took down all 24 pots of paint colors and observed Kari and Melanie play with paint and product.
On June 11th, Melanie is hosting an all day Annie Sloan Event for Kari and myself.
What a fun time it's going to be and you are inivited. We'll be teaching six techniques as well as adding two wall finishes. Sign up now as the class will be
limited. Go to my web site, and click on June 11 Workshop in the header. I will be sending out an e-blast talking about this wonderful event as well as a workshop proceeding ours hosted by Ayn Riggs featuring Debra Campbell from Wallartistry.  Here's a special invitation just for you.

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I know I'm sharing a lot but I have a lot to share. You know I'm usually not this wordy.

Remember the pickets I mentioned I bought....well I have also been painting them all 24 colors, who says pickets have to be white? Vicki and I are getting ready
to debut Annie Sloan Chalk Paints at The Three Speckled Hens show in Paso Robles on the 21st and 22nd....I invite everyone to come find us....we are in booth 11. Paint will be flying and "playing with the colors" will be a highlight. So why the pickets? They will be one of our many props of course.

24 lush colors

Oooops, I think I just deleted the "cheers" I always sign off with, oh well, now I have to do it by hand, and it was so pretty too.

I have many workshops and events that will be taking place so take a look at my web site. I want to thank all of you for following along and I want to thank all of my customers for their patients in regards to the paint deliveries and wax problems clearing Customs. I guess we are the Ipod of paints but I also want us to be the
Nordstrom in Customer Service. Our Distributor is gearing up with products and shipping and our paint manufacturer has added a new machine. Soon all of these issues will be history. Wahoooooo.

I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, treat her special and treat yourself special too.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to miss the pretty CHEERS.