Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am getting there....or am I getting here?

I really am going to sit down and post what's been happening,  Tampa, Remnants of the Past, Three Speckled Hens show coming up plus all the workshops and events that are being scheduled with Vicki Shoemaker and Kari Saupstad, California Stockist and Mini Stockist.  Exciting times.  I also want to share the UK trip in September that everyone is invited to attend and the 2012 Cruise for Annie Sloan "fans".  If you want to know about these trips before I can post later in the week...please contact Barbara Gonzales at and her blog at  Now I have to sign off, but I promise, my next post will have great photo's of where I've been and what I've been doing.  So I leave you with this beautiful "May" floral photo.

My favorite flowers that I not only want to share with you but I would give you a plant if I could so we could grow together in this life full of surprises

Have a great Wednesday and "happy painting".


MELANIE said...

Finally found the blog and now Im a follower here too! Cant wait to fun through all the posts and photos!

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