Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm back from NYC and Washington D.C. and now I'm kicking into OVERDRIVE

I had a great time back east.....a couple well spent days in NYC, a train ride to D.C. greeted by my two handsome grandsons who escorted me the rest of the way via the Metro, and then a few days spent  enjoying my son and family who I don't get to see enough of living 3,000 miles a part. I'll share my time and photo's later because now I have to kick into gear for the Three Speckled Hens show this weekend in Paso Robles.

Vicki Shoemaker and I are going to have so much fun demo'ing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes.  We are so looking forward to "paint a flying" and people catching on to the beauty, ease and magic we are going to introduce.

Please take time out of your schedules and come up and join us for just a wee bit of fun....and be sure to introduce yourselves at our booth, #11.

I'm also getting ready for a Play with Product day at Out of the Blue in Solana Beach. I think it is scheduled for May 25th although the note I received from Debi said the 26th. I will confirm and update you soon.

On June 4th I will be having a workshop at Urban Barn in will be a fun day and I will be posting the time and specifics for that workshop next week when I return from the coast.

On June 11th we have a wonderful workshop planned in Chula Vista, hosted by Melanie Royals. It will be an awesome day and I encourage you to visit Melanie's website and to sign up for a learning experience. We will be teaching two wall techniques in this workshop a long with 6 other chalk paint techniques.
A beauty don't you think?  Love that 'leafing'...note the molding at the top which you will learn at the workshop

One wall treatment we will be teaching using one of Melanie's stencils

If you are interested in this workshop, go to my website and sign up now, we still have a few spaces left and we'd love to have you with us.

I want to welcome Debbie Cooper, a new Mini-Stockist from Anaheim Hills, CA. I'll be looking forward to working with Debbie and putting on some great workshops and events together.

I have paint and wax arriving today and tomorrow......orders to fill and ship and a truck to load up and head on out early early on Friday. I can do it all though as I am "magic", so my twin granddaughters informed me yesterday morning before I caught a plane home.

Please check my website for specials as well as other workshops in planning.
There is still a few spaces left for the UK trip in September as well as the Cruise in January. I will also have firm dates for Vicki's and my "wine country" tour. I think the first one will be in the last week of July in Sonoma and I will have those dates and specifics for you hopefully next week, so stay tuned and soon I won't know whether I truly am "coming or going". I LOVE IT.

Ok...I'd better get on with the next 48 efficiently and sleep fast.
Until next week.


Phyllis said...

Such a whirlwind, but granddaughters always seem to define things in the most perfect way, don't they? Sometimes a snap of the fingers and things suddenly appear! Little do we know what goes on backstage before the play begins. Just take time for a few quick breaths!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This looks like it would be awesome to attend. If I just lived closer!!