Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day......isn't Mother's Day really EVERYDAY?

I've already posted my Mother's Day tribute.....but I'd like to address the
job description of a "MOM"....maybe I can't though because what doesn't a MOM/MOTHER/MA do, I couldn't possibly remember everything that a Mom does or doesn't do and is remembered for it.  Hats off to Mothers and their many talents.

I miss my mom ...she's been gone almost 9 years now, and I still find myself going for the phone to just say "hi". My mom and I clashed big time, but on the flip side of the coin, my mom and I had an underlying quiet truce....I knew she loved me, but I also knew she loved my brother more, don't we all think that about our siblings?  I knew she loved me and confided in me like she couldn't confide in any one else. If it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't have the drive today to just "get out there and do what you feel like doing". Thank you MOM!

I love you Mom.....I still pick up the phone to just talk.....but, no's ok, I know you are there

Happy Mother's Day everyone


Phyllis said...

I completely related to your feelings, although my mother continued to be somewhat elusive in my life. Such complexities are inherent certain relationships, but I did love my mother and still miss her.