Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day weekend ......

A personal post to share with all of you Mothers and Grandmothers.

Years ago I wrote a little "something" after my children had grown up and ventured out into their own paths of life. I guess I was feeling a little sorry for myself, as Mother's Day came around and no one was close by to bring me the bagels and cream cheese, sour cream, brown sugar and strawberries and of course in my case anyway, champagne.  I missed their giggles and whispers as they walked down the hall with their "morning surprise", belting out "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"

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If any of you are in this position this year or the years to follow, maybe you'll appreciate what I was feeling. Hang in there with me, I am far from a poet:

Mothers respond not to gift wrap and bows,
All it takes is a "hi mom" to set her aglow

It takes "come and sit down, let's have a talk"
It takes just a touch or even a walk

It takes very little, just time on their part
To make her feel wanted and warm up her heart

Mothers are human and full of emotion
They need reassurance of her children's devotion

Time goes so fast as children grow old
That mothers are suddenly left out in the cold

Cold from the fact her children need peers
They no longer need "mom" to wipe away tears

Where are the children she held and she rocked
Oh if she only could turn back the clock

Her arms are now empty yet longings are there
To tickle and cuddle and tousle their hair

To tell them stories of castles and Kings
To create some magic from Crackerjack rings

To give them cookies and bandage their knees
To teach them respect and thank you's and please

So long they depended on her wisdom and smiles
They are products of love and made life all worth while

She knows they are grown with lives of their own
She knows they are hers but only on loan

She knows that soon their day will come
For they too will have daughters and sons

She now has to settle for that Sunday in May
When her children come home to "honor" her day

Memories are plentiful yet feelings grow strong
Time with her children is what she does long

As mothers respond not to gift wrap and bows
It takes just a "hi mom" to set her aglow........

There you have it....and after typing it again, my feelings haven't changed one bit.
My children do have families of their own and live thousands of miles from me coast to coast. I love them with all my heart and soul and I so enjoy watching my little kids turn into responsible adults and beautiful parents themselves.

Happy Mothers Day again to everyone.


Anonymous said...

wow - what an amazing poem... you have me crying here at my computer.. and mine aren't even gone yet... but I feel the time flying. Thanks for sharing!

Phyllis said...

I love the early photo and the "grown-up" one too. The poem is beautiful, Anne. It is the essence of what it is to be a mom all the way through! Rich thoughts, so true and enduring. Happy Mother's Day to you too!