Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What an AWESOME time at the 3 Speckled Hens Event in Paso Robles!!!

Whew.....all I can say is the 3 Speckled Hens know how to throw an event.
I arrived up there around 10:30 on Friday morning and began to set up camp.
Vicki and I put together our booth that afternoon and were ready for the early birds to arrive on Saturday morning.

Our Booth

Booth with our 24 pickets and laundry basket paint brush chandelier......

Wax, paint, brushes and wall technique

In the "beginning".....we are ready, waiting and able to let the paint fly

Vicki demo'ing

Signing up for workshops/newsletter and playing with product

Me demo'ing away and sanding the edges....what a sweet table in Scandinavian  Pink and Old Ochre

HONEST...."no stripping, sanding or priming"...and yes, boys can use it too

The "end"....help......packing up and my leg is stuck, not exactly agile anymore

Packed up and ready for the next one.....whew....we are just a little tired but a whole lot "pumped"
Thank you "Hens" for a wonderful adventure!!!!!

I will be posting all the photo's from 3 Speckled Hens event on a special Smilebox......but for now it was fun to get these posted to share with you  in a timely manner.  Both Vicki and I were overwhelmed with the
consumer response we witnessed and the people we were blessed to meet.  Yes, we are in love with the magic of our paint and products and so is everyone else that partook in the "play with product" and demo's .

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products are "over the top" and I am so PROUD and HAPPY to be
a Stockist in the U.S.A.  here in California.  Workshops are scheduled, events are planned, Destination "happenings" are located on my website under "travel" with more to come.

I will be UPDATING my website this weekend with new specials, workshops and events.  Please check it out and come join us for some "paint flying fun".

So.....until tomorrow when I have tons to share....HAPPY PAINTING and enjoy every minute of your life.


Lori said...

I just started using chalk paint and I adore it! I would love to attend a workshop...do you have any planned for Louisiana????

Melissa said...

I have read your books and am now getting your paints and wax this weekend from a little shop in Waco TX. which is an hours drive from me and I am so excited. I have 3 huge pieces of furniture and the daunting task of stripping them first is gone baby gone!!!!
Thank you Annie!

janet said...

Hello Anne,
I just painted my first piece with Provence and lI love it. Very curious...why no primer, what is the bonding agent in this paint?

Looking forward to buying more colors!

Janet xox

molly susan strong said...

Oh you ladies rock!!!! Come by and see my joint...chalk paint love shown on some awesome beds I hand painted!