Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friends, Hats the Kentucky Derby and Mint Juleps

I didn't think I would be posting until next week but this photo was taken yesterday at a wonderful Kentucky Derby party given by friend Diane.    It is the single day of the year when the "ladies" of Canyon Lake wear
dresses, jewels and crown our heads in  beautiful hats.  I want to thank Diane for such a wonderful "event", and I won't be taking my hat off as I truly have hat head.

I have posted before the value of a friend, well these are two friends that have been there for me since I moved from Scottsdale, AZ to Canyon Lake.  They have blessed my life in more ways than one.  Sharon and Diane are my left and right hand.....and my right and left hand.  They both accompany me on my road trips, they help me set up Annie Sloan Workshops, they help me ship all the paint and wax, they make me walk 3 miles a day when I don't want to walk and they make me LAUGH.  We share life and refuse to talk about other people even when they hurt one of our feelings.  Thank you Sharon and Diane for walking down this road of life with me.....I couldn't do it without you and I really wouldn't want to.

Sharon, Diane and Anne

Roger my better half
It wouldn't be right not to say thank you to my husband Roger, my best friend too.  Poor Roger, his head
doesn't know which way to turn with my comings and goings and little 'temper tantrums' over my full plates that I continue to fill and overflow because that is who I am and that is how I function.
Roger took me out for Mothers Day Brunch this morning, he helped me organize my "room" for the next workshop and he loaded up the truck with props for The Three Speckled Hens Event( May 21 & 22)  that he has to perform a miracle on so I can use them in our booth.  He also frets about my feet.....yes, my feet cause they always hurt and he knows when my feet hurt his ears hurt too.  He is patient and kind and he is happy staying home with the boys, Gus (a labradoodle) and Amos (a Portuguese Water Dog) while I am on the road.  I am a very blessed woman and I know it.
Have a wonderful week everyone, I'll be back next week with lots of photo's and stories.


Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Lovely hat. A new follower. Trying out the paint this week on a stool a patient of mine gave me in the 80's he made by hand. He passed away while I was his nurse so it is a special piece to me. So far so good. Can't wait till I finish.